This is a food blog

My name’s Nelson and I love food. I mean basically everybody loves food I think, and I just think that I might love food in a bit more of an obsessive. I don’t mean it in the I can’t stop myself from eating constantly but more along the lines of I can’t get food of my mind. Everybody’s got different place they want to try or certain foods that they hold in the highest regard. As for my job I’ve just recently started working full time as an artist, I make a decent enough living with art so I thought given my newfound freedom (an excessive boredom due to free time) I’d try my hand at blogging and see how everything goes.

I made this blog very simply because I wanted to try writing about food and everything food related I could possibly think to talk about. Food is one of the very few things that I personally think about more than I probably should. You could say I’ve got a lot of free time to think about food this much but I honestly can’t help it. The blog is something that helps me at least channel my little obsession in a positive way.

I know that a lot of people love eating great food but not everyone’s going to be as involved in the overall process of figuring out where the good eats are.