Struggling Skin and Cosy Caribbean Cafes

I went out to dinner the other night, a gorgeous little café pub hybrid with a Caribbean theme, but was faced with a dilemma I’m sure most of us have endured… sitting right next to the kitchen. The little window where the waiters collected the food was right behind Jackie, not so much that he got smacked, but enough that the smells and the steams were floating around his head for the entire meal. And the door to the kitchen was right behind me, again not enough to cause any physical torment, but every time the door opened it felt like a wave of kitchen heat crashing over my back and neck. I’m sure my hair frizzed up in an instant. And the food was great, oh my, the food was divine.

I’ve found in my evenings spent in cosier restaurants that the size makes it incredibly hard to control the temperature in the space between oven and table. So what do they do? Pump the air con. Dry, cold air, coming out of struggling machines which are getting hot just trying to be cool. And on this table, the constant switch between hot and steamy, and cold and dry, it has my skin incredibly confused. I can’t stop going out to eat, heaven forbid, or choose the larger, more circulated establishments over my cosy finds. Don’t even suggest it! Getting to know the character, of the place’s vibe and the loons who run it,  is half the fun.


Skincare then, was going to be my tongue and tummy’s saving grace! Something that wouldimbue my skin cells with the hydration and fortitude to survive the small-business temperature curse. Moisturiser, I’ve never been a huge fan of. My skin tends to be on the oilier side, and that barrier it gives my skin creates a little warm home for acne. I don’t like it. If I’m going to take photos of my evening jaunts, and not just of the food, I need to look my best! So something else. Instead of just googling, who even does that anymore?, I took some of my more skin savvy friends out to dinner. Sue me!

We went to a little outdoor garden pub, a pop up on church grounds, which the congregation run to earn a little money for community outreach. It was very nice, and right before the weather turns to Winter, we got in a nice September evening. I asked my friends for their advice, and it was unanimous. I needed to try hyaluronic acid on my skin. Deep hydration without any of the barrier ingredients. Where would I be without my girls? Jackson would’ve have known two cents worth about skincare! Maybe I’ll report back to him before our next dinner date…


The moral of this story is yet to be seen, I’ve bought my new serum and started using it, but will need a few more outings to put it to the test! More dinners out discovering new and quaint places to slurp up a good meal? Obviously I’m in! Will report back soon!