Meeting A Special Person In A Not-So-Special Way

Do you have a best friend? That one special person in your life that would go wherever you are, someone you can share your secrets with, and someone that would never leave you behind no matter what? If yes, how and when did you meet this person?

Luckily, I found one during my college years, and it’s her birthday today, that is why I decided to write about our story now. I just wanted to share a bit on how we met – even if you don’t care. LOL

We actually met in a not-so-special way. It just so happened that we met when we became roommates in our school dormitory. We have different personalities so I wasn’t really expecting us to be friends.

Unexpectedly, I found myself growing very close to her, and we always had a meal together at her favorite restaurant just a few steps away from our dormitory. We tended to have our breakfast, lunch and even dinner just at that place.

She loved to eat in that restaurant not just because they served delicious foods but also because they used to display free samples of cosmetic products made by other brands that had partnered with the restaurant. She was a cosmetic addict, which is why she was always on the lookout for new sample products on display in that place. She never failed to drag me there, usually because I didn’t have another choice – I hate eating alone, and besides, I do really love what they served there.

Not long after we started going to the restaurant we became best friends. Until recently we always found the time to see each other. We’d go shopping together, and sometimes we’d travel together –  just the two of us. Things are a little bit different now though, especially since we both started new jobs and moved a bit further away from each other.

I became interested in cosmetics because of he – her enthusiasm for it influenced me that much. That is why on her birthday today, I’m going to give her a cosmetic product that I know she loves – her favourite, the lunar makeup setting spray.