I would love for all of my lovely readers to help me out… You see, seeing as we missed so many nights out during the pandemic, I’ve really been making up for it recently. Hence the six month hiatus on this blog (sorry!). Drinks with views of the harbour, underground bars, clubs behind secret doors, fancy restaurants, back alley cafes, multi-storey buffets, night picnics, bottomless brunch in the city, and that’s just the start of it.

Obviously, there’s been quite a bit of drinking involved, and indulgence in food and dessert in general, because I’ve missed out! I’m not going to let my late twenties pass me by without making the most of my ability to metabolise alcohol, and digest dairy. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m trying to justify myself at all, if you’re reading this and have been following my blog, you feel the same way. Going out for a meal is our way of life. Back before the lockdown, I had a pretty strict schedule so that I wasn’t going back to back nights drinking, and I could minimise breakouts by planning certain culinary adventures for the right time of month. It’s a science, and probably the only thing I do these days where my high school maths and chemistry comes in handy. I had face masks for the day before a night out, and ones for the day after. I had cleansers for different levels of makeup, for different seasons, and for when I woke up in the morning (or afternoon). Most people thought I was crazy, but I took photos during every single outing and I look amazing in all of them. Not to brag, but I want to be able to look back on this time on my life without criticising my appearance or wishing I didn’t have so many spots. Because that’s what I do when I look at teenage or early 20’s photos. I’m sure we all do it to an extent, but it’s still not cool.


So, my intense skincare routine aside, I wasn’t prepared for it this time around. My routine was the same throughout lockdown, and I’d run out of quite a few things so I didn’t have the resources to be on top of things by the time the first event rolled around. The combination of (a lot of) alcohol, sugar, dairy, salt, and coffee has destroyed my complexion. I’m talking pimples from hairline to under-chin to ears. They’re even on my back and chest! My skin just looks dull, like it’s as sleep deprived and worn out as me (well I guess it is, it Is me), or hiding under a very transparent but slightly opaque veil. A bashful bride. Because there’s redness too. Flushing, all the time. I look like a bloody Santa Claus, with my red rosy cheeks. My photos are finally cringe worthy. Or just… sweaty? I looked like I must have been having fun because I’d completely abandoned any sense of perfection. So at my last dinner with a group of university friends, I asked them, how are they keeping their skin looking so beautiful and flawless? I had quite a few answers, cold showers, this niacinamide toner, no carbs, no dairy, 5am yoga, super greens smoothies every morning after a night out, exfoliation, even facial workouts, which I didn’t even know existed. It’s just thirty minutes of making faces at your mirror, or so I’m told.

And I will take these all into consideration, but my university group is only a small subset of those enjoying a good nightlife, so I’m opening my soul to your suggestions. How do you manage to keep your skin glowing despite your lifestyle choices? Which products, what techniques? I need to know!