Big Beards and Food.

Now you love your beard right? It’s your baby you spent so long growing out and now you get to reap the benefits of instant manliness points. But what’s this? Your baby’s gotten a bit of hand and is getting harder and harder to control. You go through the motions and start beard care and things get a whole lot better. But now you keep wondering if that’s the last stray potato chip you’ll find in there. I’m mostly kidding but aside from the overall beard care which you should already be doing here are a few tips and tricks for enjoying your meals while making sure you’re the only one doing so.

Before every few bites do the stray hair check. Just take your thumb and index finger to the centre of your mouth and proceed to swipe outwards to the left and the right. The whole process helps get your hairs out of the way as to avoid either getting food on them or them on your food.

If you’re using a spoon and fork just try to keep the portions on the utensils a bit smaller and this should work with other utensils as well. The idea is getting a smaller bite in makes it easier not to miss your mouth and get some in your beard or moustache.

The above methods aren’t always going work but they’ll help to lessen the frequency of things getting in your facial hair. It’s probably to keep a handkerchief on you and when eating just dab a bit of water on it to help clean your beard. This is a better alternative than the mountain of tissues or napkins you’ll need to clean your beard otherwise. Another smart thing which is more effective than the handkerchief method would be to carry around some wet wipes with you and use as necessary. Just make sure you get the unscented ones so you don’t have that strong smell while you’re eating. Speaking of scents you should already be using a beard oil but if you aren’t then you should for just general beard care and if you’re going for scented beard oil then pick a smell that won’t be off-putting for you while you’re eating.

If this all seems like a lot of work or a bit of a hassle I want you to find the closest mirror and take a good long look, look at that man and tell me he’s not worth the effort.