A Good Suggestion From A Friend

Me and my friend are food lovers, and one of our favourite places to eat is right by our house. We are always together despite our differences. She is so addicted to cosmetics especially eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, blush on, eyeshadow, and other cosmetic products that I am not familiar with. She used to wear all of that all the time when she was out of the house, while a lip tint and a face powder are always enough for me. I am not currently using any other cosmetic product for my face except lip tint and face powder, not because I hate cosmetics, but because I believe a lot of it isn’t necessary. Furthermore, I don’t actually know how to use most of it, and it would just add up to my expenses.

Going out with my friend was awkward at first because she always looks great with her lipstick and eyeliner, etc. while I just look very simple with a lip tint and powder on my face. I believe we have different perspectives and we have our own ways of expressing ourselves, and every one of us should respect that.

Applying makeup primer

There was a time when we ate together at our favorite eating place near our house. We talked about her addiction – cosmetics, and she tried to encourage me again to use some of these as well, but I just can’t do it as I had a bad experience from using it before – it easily broke down on my face and that made me looked like a zombie, so since then, I never tried wearing any of that except on a very special occasion.

My friend suggested to use a Base Maquillage as it will help covers the pores and make it look smooth and flawless, and it will help the makeup last for a long time on your face.

As of now, I am carefully looking for the best make up primer that would fit my skin type.

More Coming Soon

I just wanted to quickly apologise for my lack of content recently. I have been incredibly busy with work, but I’m making it my mid-year resolution to get back into my blog writing.

Every night this week I’ve been researching and writing my newest post and I really think it’s going to be a good one. My aim is to get it live next week at some point, so please come back and take a look when you can.

A beardy experience at my favourite burger joint

Hey again. Nelson here.

To kick things off I wanted to talk about a funny experience I had at one of my favourite places to eat – In and out burger.

God I love the burgers there so much! They’re unbelievably good aren’t they? If you’ve never been before, stop what you’re doing right now and head on down. Most major US cities with have 3 or 4 of them, so you never have to travel too far to get one.

Anyway, back to my funny experience. After queuing for ten minutes or so I got to the front of the line and started placing my order. To my amazement I noticed that the cashier who was servicing me had a sort of net covering his beard. You couldn’t make it up, it looked so comical!

I’m a bit of beard enthusiast myself. Over the years I’ve tried my best to grow a beard but it’s never really come out right. I’ve tried a multitude of different quick fixes, and things that are described as promoting facial hair growth, but none of them have ever worked.


beard net


After looking at this man’s fine specimen of beard, ensnared by this incredible net I couldn’t help but feel sad about my failings in the facial hair department. I quickly felt as if not even my burger would cheer me up!

Despite this I decided to engage the staff member in a conversation about his incredible fur-face. He was on the job, so we only had a very small window to chat, but he assured me that all was not lost when it came to growing the hair on my face, neck and chin.

Just before he finished serving me, he suggested I have a search online for something called a Beard Grooming Kit by Percy Nobleman. I wasn’t sure exactly what this was, but he sweared by it and told me to google it as soon as I got to my table. I did just that and ended up buying the thing online there and then.

Since receiving the kit my facial hair has started to sprout and come through and is now growing thicker by the day. I have never felt so confident! Who would have guessed that my trip to in and out burger could have resulted in something so life changing.

The Best Places to Eat

Hey my name is Nelson. I’m a massive foodie and love to blog about my favourite places to eat (as long as there within a reasonable distance from my house!)

I’ve decided to set up this site and use it as a place to me to inform of all the best places to dine in the UK, and the reasons why. If you’re ever in need of a quick eating out tip, then look no further than this blog!