A friendly tradition…

Every year my friends and I, a weird combination of school friends and the University and work buddies we’ve adopted along the way, go out to dinner mid December and run a secret Santa. With a ten pound limit, sometimes we chose themes, or other times issued challenges. Best value for £10 was a favourite of mine, as well as wackiest. Because new people are often hard to buy for, and with growth comes not knowing everyone super well, it helped to take the pressure off when buying for different people. And I’ve ended up with some pretty laughable gifts along the way.

But this year, the theme is ‘best £10 lockdown-worthy gift’ Seeing as we’re probably due one right after new year. And I, unfortunately, picked someone that just does not scream ten pound gift. She’s quite new to the agro up, at least considering we’ve not seen her in a agro up since January, so I don’t know her very well. I do, however, follow her on Instagram, which is illuminating. She definitely lives in the lap of luxury. It appears that she survived this year with expensive cocktails, retail therapy, and the best bath bombs money can buy. I have nothing against it, or her, but I’m worried that whatever I get her won’t meet her standards.

She once told us that the cheapest makeup product she owned cost £40. Forty- Pounds. And I’m restricted to £10 stocking fillers.

But I shall persevere! I will get something nice, even if it is tiny. I guess the fun part about the tradition is the dinner itself, and the company. Especially after all this time. I think she’ll just be happy to be involved, and have the face to face time to actually get to know us better. She might decide that we’re a bunch of weirdos! We are quite the gaggle of geese to meet in one go, so we might have to start a ‘take turns’ speaking approach to make sure a thorough catch up takes place, rather than being so excited we just talk over each other. It has happened before, and I can bet it’ll happen again, especially with all this growth.

Our favourite restaurant is closed this festive period, which takes me to my intended question, do we go to eat??

Suggestions please!