I would love for all of my lovely readers to help me out… You see, seeing as we missed so many nights out during the pandemic, I’ve really been making up for it recently. Hence the six month hiatus on this blog (sorry!). Drinks with views of the harbour, underground bars, clubs behind secret doors, fancy restaurants, back alley cafes, multi-storey buffets, night picnics, bottomless brunch in the city, and that’s just the start of it.

Obviously, there’s been quite a bit of drinking involved, and indulgence in food and dessert in general, because I’ve missed out! I’m not going to let my late twenties pass me by without making the most of my ability to metabolise alcohol, and digest dairy. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m trying to justify myself at all, if you’re reading this and have been following my blog, you feel the same way. Going out for a meal is our way of life. Back before the lockdown, I had a pretty strict schedule so that I wasn’t going back to back nights drinking, and I could minimise breakouts by planning certain culinary adventures for the right time of month. It’s a science, and probably the only thing I do these days where my high school maths and chemistry comes in handy. I had face masks for the day before a night out, and ones for the day after. I had cleansers for different levels of makeup, for different seasons, and for when I woke up in the morning (or afternoon). Most people thought I was crazy, but I took photos during every single outing and I look amazing in all of them. Not to brag, but I want to be able to look back on this time on my life without criticising my appearance or wishing I didn’t have so many spots. Because that’s what I do when I look at teenage or early 20’s photos. I’m sure we all do it to an extent, but it’s still not cool.


So, my intense skincare routine aside, I wasn’t prepared for it this time around. My routine was the same throughout lockdown, and I’d run out of quite a few things so I didn’t have the resources to be on top of things by the time the first event rolled around. The combination of (a lot of) alcohol, sugar, dairy, salt, and coffee has destroyed my complexion. I’m talking pimples from hairline to under-chin to ears. They’re even on my back and chest! My skin just looks dull, like it’s as sleep deprived and worn out as me (well I guess it is, it Is me), or hiding under a very transparent but slightly opaque veil. A bashful bride. Because there’s redness too. Flushing, all the time. I look like a bloody Santa Claus, with my red rosy cheeks. My photos are finally cringe worthy. Or just… sweaty? I looked like I must have been having fun because I’d completely abandoned any sense of perfection. So at my last dinner with a group of university friends, I asked them, how are they keeping their skin looking so beautiful and flawless? I had quite a few answers, cold showers, this niacinamide toner, no carbs, no dairy, 5am yoga, super greens smoothies every morning after a night out, exfoliation, even facial workouts, which I didn’t even know existed. It’s just thirty minutes of making faces at your mirror, or so I’m told.

And I will take these all into consideration, but my university group is only a small subset of those enjoying a good nightlife, so I’m opening my soul to your suggestions. How do you manage to keep your skin glowing despite your lifestyle choices? Which products, what techniques? I need to know!

What to eat on the big day…

I need help! This is my first year making Christmas lunch/dinner, and I have no idea what to cook! I’m not much of a chef (why do you think I eat out so much), and I definitely can’t take the easy way out because I don’t have a microwave. Turkey? Chicken? My partner, and some friends are coming over so they’re expecting big things! At least I’m not in charge of dessert. They can improve the evening, if I muck anything up. I have a craving for prawns but that’s more of a summer thing…

A friendly tradition…

Every year my friends and I, a weird combination of school friends and the University and work buddies we’ve adopted along the way, go out to dinner mid December and run a secret Santa. With a ten pound limit, sometimes we chose themes, or other times issued challenges. Best value for £10 was a favourite of mine, as well as wackiest. Because new people are often hard to buy for, and with growth comes not knowing everyone super well, it helped to take the pressure off when buying for different people. And I’ve ended up with some pretty laughable gifts along the way.

But this year, the theme is ‘best £10 lockdown-worthy gift’ Seeing as we’re probably due one right after new year. And I, unfortunately, picked someone that just does not scream ten pound gift. She’s quite new to the agro up, at least considering we’ve not seen her in a agro up since January, so I don’t know her very well. I do, however, follow her on Instagram, which is illuminating. She definitely lives in the lap of luxury. It appears that she survived this year with expensive cocktails, retail therapy, and the best bath bombs money can buy. I have nothing against it, or her, but I’m worried that whatever I get her won’t meet her standards.

She once told us that the cheapest makeup product she owned cost £40. Forty- Pounds. And I’m restricted to £10 stocking fillers.

But I shall persevere! I will get something nice, even if it is tiny. I guess the fun part about the tradition is the dinner itself, and the company. Especially after all this time. I think she’ll just be happy to be involved, and have the face to face time to actually get to know us better. She might decide that we’re a bunch of weirdos! We are quite the gaggle of geese to meet in one go, so we might have to start a ‘take turns’ speaking approach to make sure a thorough catch up takes place, rather than being so excited we just talk over each other. It has happened before, and I can bet it’ll happen again, especially with all this growth.

Our favourite restaurant is closed this festive period, which takes me to my intended question, do we go to eat??

Suggestions please!

Struggling Skin and Cosy Caribbean Cafes

I went out to dinner the other night, a gorgeous little café pub hybrid with a Caribbean theme, but was faced with a dilemma I’m sure most of us have endured… sitting right next to the kitchen. The little window where the waiters collected the food was right behind Jackie, not so much that he got smacked, but enough that the smells and the steams were floating around his head for the entire meal. And the door to the kitchen was right behind me, again not enough to cause any physical torment, but every time the door opened it felt like a wave of kitchen heat crashing over my back and neck. I’m sure my hair frizzed up in an instant. And the food was great, oh my, the food was divine.

I’ve found in my evenings spent in cosier restaurants that the size makes it incredibly hard to control the temperature in the space between oven and table. So what do they do? Pump the air con. Dry, cold air, coming out of struggling machines which are getting hot just trying to be cool. And on this table, the constant switch between hot and steamy, and cold and dry, it has my skin incredibly confused. I can’t stop going out to eat, heaven forbid, or choose the larger, more circulated establishments over my cosy finds. Don’t even suggest it! Getting to know the character, of the place’s vibe and the loons who run it,  is half the fun.


Skincare then, was going to be my tongue and tummy’s saving grace! Something that wouldimbue my skin cells with the hydration and fortitude to survive the small-business temperature curse. Moisturiser, I’ve never been a huge fan of. My skin tends to be on the oilier side, and that barrier it gives my skin creates a little warm home for acne. I don’t like it. If I’m going to take photos of my evening jaunts, and not just of the food, I need to look my best! So something else. Instead of just googling, who even does that anymore?, I took some of my more skin savvy friends out to dinner. Sue me!

We went to a little outdoor garden pub, a pop up on church grounds, which the congregation run to earn a little money for community outreach. It was very nice, and right before the weather turns to Winter, we got in a nice September evening. I asked my friends for their advice, and it was unanimous. I needed to try hyaluronic acid on my skin. Deep hydration without any of the barrier ingredients. Where would I be without my girls? Jackson would’ve have known two cents worth about skincare! Maybe I’ll report back to him before our next dinner date…


The moral of this story is yet to be seen, I’ve bought my new serum and started using it, but will need a few more outings to put it to the test! More dinners out discovering new and quaint places to slurp up a good meal? Obviously I’m in! Will report back soon!


Maybe Wash Your Beard More Often?

My beard is something that sort of is a big deal for me. It’s my baby as I’ve said before. I love my beard. You know that one guy that probably cares a little too much about his beard? I don’t even have a problem with being THAT guy. I’m very much that guy and my friends don’t seem to have a problem with it. I was really anxious for a while though because I thought that I might be quite the annoying member of our little group. Now we’ve been friends for a very long time but it’s not like we’re joined at the hip so there are some things about their lives I’m not aware of.


Here’s how my fears of causing them annoyance with my beard grooming were quickly assuaged. One pleasant evening we were out on the town eating at a little hole in the wall I’d found a while back. We had decided to make a night of it so one of my friends thought it would be nice to invite some of his coworkers. Now apparently the rest of my friend group had already had the pleasure of being introduced to these coworkers so I would be the only one there who hadn’t met them before. Now for the sake of privacy let’s refer to the person I’m about to talk about as “John” alright? Now John was among these coworkers I mentioned and let me tell you after about a plate of wings with John I quickly understood why no one took issue with my rather meticulous beard grooming habits. Now John was a great guy but here’s what I figured out after those wings John had literally no idea that beards need maintaining. First of all the thing was wiry to the point that flecks of chicken need only make contact with it and they’d be stuck. Next was the rather bothersome fact that John apparently knew this to be the case and since his beard was rather thick joked about there being leftovers from lunch in there too. I hope to all things good in this world that he truly was simply joking.

Now I’m no snake so upon realizing John’s rather concerning lack of beard hygiene I proceeded to chat him up and lightly drop a few hints about maybe picking up some beard wash and maybe even a beard oil. So moral of this story is… don’t be THAT guy make sure you keep that beard in check.

I think this blog is magic – kind of

I don’t actually think the blog is magic or anything it’s just that ever since I started posting my luck’s been looking really good. For example I ordered fries at a diner and in the pile of golden brown perfection that was my order of fries there was not only one but two curly fries! They weren’t like the tiny end piece curly fries either, no they were full on curly fries as long your finger. If that’s not a sign of good things to come I don’t know what is. Hope you all find your out of nowhere curly fries too!

Big Beards and Food.

Now you love your beard right? It’s your baby you spent so long growing out and now you get to reap the benefits of instant manliness points. But what’s this? Your baby’s gotten a bit of hand and is getting harder and harder to control. You go through the motions and start beard care and things get a whole lot better. But now you keep wondering if that’s the last stray potato chip you’ll find in there. I’m mostly kidding but aside from the overall beard care which you should already be doing here are a few tips and tricks for enjoying your meals while making sure you’re the only one doing so.

Before every few bites do the stray hair check. Just take your thumb and index finger to the centre of your mouth and proceed to swipe outwards to the left and the right. The whole process helps get your hairs out of the way as to avoid either getting food on them or them on your food.

If you’re using a spoon and fork just try to keep the portions on the utensils a bit smaller and this should work with other utensils as well. The idea is getting a smaller bite in makes it easier not to miss your mouth and get some in your beard or moustache.

The above methods aren’t always going work but they’ll help to lessen the frequency of things getting in your facial hair. It’s probably to keep a handkerchief on you and when eating just dab a bit of water on it to help clean your beard. This is a better alternative than the mountain of tissues or napkins you’ll need to clean your beard otherwise. Another smart thing which is more effective than the handkerchief method would be to carry around some wet wipes with you and use as necessary. Just make sure you get the unscented ones so you don’t have that strong smell while you’re eating. Speaking of scents you should already be using a beard oil but if you aren’t then you should for just general beard care and if you’re going for scented beard oil then pick a smell that won’t be off-putting for you while you’re eating.

If this all seems like a lot of work or a bit of a hassle I want you to find the closest mirror and take a good long look, look at that man and tell me he’s not worth the effort.

Thank You So Much…So Far

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing good.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my little rambling blog posts.

I’ve been using a few analytics tools to give me an insight into how many people are reading the blog and I have been pleasantly surprised!

I just hope you keep coming back! Hopefully my next piece will turn you all into life-long fans. Don’t miss it!

Meeting A Special Person In A Not-So-Special Way

Do you have a best friend? That one special person in your life that would go wherever you are, someone you can share your secrets with, and someone that would never leave you behind no matter what? If yes, how and when did you meet this person?

Luckily, I found one during my college years, and it’s her birthday today, that is why I decided to write about our story now. I just wanted to share a bit on how we met – even if you don’t care. LOL

We actually met in a not-so-special way. It just so happened that we met when we became roommates in our school dormitory. We have different personalities so I wasn’t really expecting us to be friends.

Unexpectedly, I found myself growing very close to her, and we always had a meal together at her favorite restaurant just a few steps away from our dormitory. We tended to have our breakfast, lunch and even dinner just at that place.

She loved to eat in that restaurant not just because they served delicious foods but also because they used to display free samples of cosmetic products made by other brands that had partnered with the restaurant. She was a cosmetic addict, which is why she was always on the lookout for new sample products on display in that place. She never failed to drag me there, usually because I didn’t have another choice – I hate eating alone, and besides, I do really love what they served there.

Not long after we started going to the restaurant we became best friends. Until recently we always found the time to see each other. We’d go shopping together, and sometimes we’d travel together –  just the two of us. Things are a little bit different now though, especially since we both started new jobs and moved a bit further away from each other.

I became interested in cosmetics because of he – her enthusiasm for it influenced me that much. That is why on her birthday today, I’m going to give her a cosmetic product that I know she loves – her favourite, the lunar makeup setting spray.

Watch Out For More Upcoming Posts

Hi everyone!

Have you taken any interest in my posts so far? I certainly hope you have. I’m always trying my best to post as often as possible. This time around however I want to give you something a bit fresher that I hope you’ll love. I intend to post it sometime next week.

Hope you’re looking forward to it!